About Me

My work revolves around two main aspects: consultancy and designing & planning interactive installations – both are in the field of audio visual, or AV in short.
With more than 25 years of experience in the field of AV and a wide range of complex projects made for festivals, municipalities, corporations and more, I always get excited
about having a new challenge.

What do I do as an AV consultant and interactive art designer?

As a consultant, I delve deep into a project, provide insights and design customized solutions for all AV matters, tailored specifically to accommodate your project’s unique
technology requirements.

As an interactive art designer, I create installations with a strong Audio and light impact but also giving an exciting user experience and a sense of bonding amongst the people who enjoy it.

As a technical producer, I plan and coordinate all aspects of a production, including finding the appropriate equipment suppliers and facilitating communication between the various
production elements, while considering the client’s schedule and budget.

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