Interactive Audio And Light Installation​

Interactive Audio And Light Installation

As an interactive installation designer i create projects for festivals and municipalities that their main goal is to attract a variety of audiences and create a bonding creative experience.

An interactive installation is an exciting way to activate a physical space through technology, sound and light that responds to you. They consequently turn people from passive audiences to engaged active participators. Interactive installations come in many guises, but commonly use a range of sensors that allow people to control beautiful and engaging interactive digital content – from video to 3D game environments.

Light Sculpture

This project involved a sculpture that produced lights and sounds in response to touch.


The Technodrome is the spherical base made with triangles covers combined with light and sound to create an ultimate experience.

The Mask

The Mask is a sculpture I designed, and built in collaboration with the Sunrise Kingdom Art Team and Jeka Vinograd . Vinograd carried out the modelling and building of the project.

Dj Cockpit

A disc jockey, more commonly abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience. Most common types of DJs include radio DJ, club DJ

Green House

Green energy sources are renewable, meaning they are replenished naturally and relatively quickly. Natural resources like wind, water, sunlight, etc could supply the entire country’s energy.

Post Post

An interactive art installation made with audio and sound embedded to the urban environment. Tapping the post boxes create a sound and a light effect.


As Part Of The Midburn Festival, We Brought The Draktor (Dragon + Traktor). The Draktor Is A Projecting Light And Breathing Fire Installation That Roar And Moves To The Beat Of The Dance Floor.

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