Post post

client: Jerusalem Municipality, City of Jerusalem

Post post is a project that was designed, by Yuvi Gerstein and myself, at the Jerusalem municipality’s request for a public installation that would be appealing both visually and from a user-experience perspective. Our solution was to create an installation that could be placed in the street and be immune to the threat of vandalism.

The installation consisted of five mailboxes in which we embedded sensors that emit electronic sounds in response to tapping, while simultaneously transmitting orders that activate wireless lighting fixtures that were installed on the post office building across the street.

This project required extensive coordination between various elements, seeing as each floor in the post office building belongs to a different department. Throughout the entire project we placed great attention on the issue of safety. We exercised extreme caution while installing different fixtures on the building’s facade and took electrical safety precautions wherever the audience came into contact with the installation by using low-voltage elements.

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